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By The Banks of Beaver Creek available for purchase at Candy’s Creekside Cottage in McGuireville or order at Beaver Creek Adult Center in Lake Montezuma - Rollins Park

The Legacy Project - Beaver Creek AZ Centennial



Please help celebrate Beaver Creek’s Legacy Project Echoes from the Verde Confluence and Arizona’s Centennial by sharing a few of your favorite memories, stories, pictures or artifacts on Beaver Creek’s Rimrock, McGuireville and Lake Montezuma community history.  Contact Nancy Rowland at or Steve Ayers at the Camp Verde Bugle (928 567-4101) to submit photos, writings or share an oral history.


















The Beaver Creek Legacy Project


The title of the Legacy Project is Echoes from the Verde Confluence, captures the rich history of the area once known as Lower Verde through the process of digital storytelling.  Digital stories are typically short vignettes, composed of narration and voice-over, combined with video footage, still photographs, and graphics.  

Messages from the Chair:


Nancy Rowland


Beaver Creek Regional Council Representative


Yavapai Co. Centennial

Arizona Centennial

...Since the Legacy Project  first began a year ago, it has grown in both size and scope. The group doing the planning, now known as the Verde Confluence Centennial Committee, includes students from the Camp Verde and Beaver Creek school districts, area charter schools, and numerous partners.


"It's getting huge," says Shirley Brinkman, president of the historical society and a member of the centennial committee. "The level of enthusiasm seems to go up a notch or two every month.


"What sets the project apart is that it has crossed many lines, both between the Camp Verde and Beaver Creek communities and the Yavapai-Apache Nation, and perhaps most importantly, across generational lines. I hope it instills a desire among a new generation to keep our story alive."


Among the partners are Yavapai College, Yavapai-Apache Nation, National Park Service, Arizona State Parks, Camp Verde Historical Society, Camp Verde Chamber of Commerce, Beaver Creek Kiwanis and the Beaver Creek Regional Council and The Bugle.


The committee recently received a $2,400 donation from the National Park Service for video equipment and scholarships for students to attend digital workshops provided by Yavapai College's Zaki Gordon Film Institute faculty.


The public is invited to participate in the project, either by producing a digital story or by supporting those who are. For more information contact the Nancy Rowland - at or The Bugle office at (928) 567-4101

The Camp Verde Bugle - 10/4/2010 8:17:00 AM

AZ Centennial project growing in size and scope

By Steve Ayers

On February 14th 2012, Arizona will reach its 100th Anniversary of statehood. Beaver Creek’s participation in the Arizona Centennial Legacy Project will accurately portray a significant aspect of Beaver Creek’s history in an educational, entertaining and lasting way.



Timeline settlement of Beaver Creek:



By The Banks of Beaver Creek


Til Lightbourn & Mary Lyons


The Lake Montezuma Women’s Civic Club - History Committee published a history of our area in the form of the 1989 LMWCC Copyrighted book, “By the Banks of Beaver Creek”.  


It was a three-year project encompassing personal interviews, review of resource materials and related stories of the past.  It is not a documentary; it is mostly oral history.


The second printing of this book was in 2000 and all the monies received from the book sales were donated to the Montezuma/Rimrock Fire Department.


A History of

Montezuma Well

By Jack Beckman


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Centennial Report - November 3, 2010


Centennial Report - September 1, 2010


Centennial Report - April 12, 2010


Centennial Report - January 11, 2010





Rimrock Guest Ranch:


Robert Finnie, a local miner, marries a Flagstaff socialite by the name of Miss Flora Weatherford, and has two children.  Virginia Finnie, their daughter, married Romaine Lowdermilk, and started up the Rimrock Guest c. 1928 Ranch on the family homestead. They ushered in the era of the dude ranches in the Beaver Creek area, and founded the Rimrock Post Office—and the community name of Rimrock.

Early settlers of Beaver Creek:


Wales Arnold is considered to be the first pioneer to settle along the banks of

Beaver Creek in 1870.  Soon after his arrival, settlers flooded into the area—especially after the forced

relocation of the Yavapai and Apache tribes to the San Carlos Reservation 200 miles away.  Prominent settlers in the area include the Casners, the Finnies, Schroeders, the Back family, the Chestnuts, and the Griscoms.

Lake Montezuma:


Lew King and Associates originally began the subdivision of the Bell Ranch. Though Lake Montezuma had some difficult formative years, it has transformed itself into a close community centered around its golf course. The Ranch House is a historic focal point for the entire Beaver Creek area


Historic Summary:

The Beaver Creek area has a long and rich history, extending into the days of the

Hohokam in the 600s. Montezuma Well is a national monument honoring these

prehistoric settlers.  Early pioneer settlement centered around agriculture and ranching along Beaver

Creek.  The Bice and McGuire families also settled the area, lending their names to places

in the overall community.  The Rimrock Guest Ranch founded the area’s first post office, which led to

Rimrock as a community identifier.  Lake Montezuma is the area’s first sub-division





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