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Community Plan Committee  

Several standing committees of the Beaver Creek Regional Council work to bring you information and facts regarding issues affecting our community.  


Beaver Creek Community Plan Update - VISION 2020 - IS HERE!... Now Available online

The Beaver Creek Community Plan Committee was charged with the update of the Beaver Creek Plan of 1992  and developing a VISION 2020 for the community.


 Vision 2020 is a recording of the results of Community Surveys, Focus Groups, community organization leadership, a Community-wide Visioning Workshop Area Studies and through the collection of Historic and Statistical Data.





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Forums & Workshops


Sponsor forums and workshops on community interests identified in VISION 2020.  Work with Committees and Council organizations.  Excellent Benefits... Double Rewards... INVEST IN YOUR COMMUNITY.  

Vision 2020 Elements - GOALS & OBJECTIVES

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Bob Burke



Kala Pearson

Sharon Brooks

Maggie Holt

Kayo Parsons-Korn

Jim Womack

Bob Bruno

Jeanette Rodda

Karin Ward

Paul Bishop



Heather Provincio

USFS-Red Rock Dist.


Yewah Lau

USFS Forest Planner


Tammy DeWitt Yavapai Co. Planner


Linda Buchanan

Yavapai Community College


Robyn Bauer

League of Women’s Voters


Brandon Vaughn Consultant


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Vision Statement


The Beaver Creek Community enjoys friendly neighborhoods, a quiet lifestyle, and many cultural and historical assets they wish to preserve. They value the creek that runs through the area, uniting the communities with a common name. While realizing the need for additional services in our communities, residents expect planned, responsible growth.


The Beaver Creek Community recognizes that growth is inevitable but it must be planned growth. Private property rights should be balanced with community needs. When making Land Use decisions it is important to residents to consider local water availability and protect our dark skies. Preservation of Rimrock Airport is important for its historic and emergency medical aspects. Compatible commercial development could be categorized as small shops and services, a grocery store, tourism and agriculture, and home-based businesses. Single family homes are preferred over multi-family or clustered multi-family.


Improved access in and out of the area and/or alternate routes was determined as very important along with public transportation.


Residents in the communities treasure the open spaces offered here, the beautiful vistas, and favorite recreational spots. Public parks, limited Forest Service swaps for public lands, and continued open space in future housing developments are important to the residents.


Preservation of Wet Beaver creek and the protection of Montezuma Well’s aquifer are important to the Beaver Creek Community. Household water conservation needs to be promoted as well as the use of gray water and harvesting of rain water. Areas for further study are: adequate water supply, quality of creek water, seasonal flooding and drainage, and the need for waste water treatment facilities.


Beaver Creek to Host

Yavapai County Comprehensive Plan Update Kick-Off Meeting



5:30 to 6:30

Montezuma / Rimrock

Fire District Station

on Beaver Creek Rd.


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Steven Mauk, Development Services Director



Elise Link, Planning Manager



Yavapai County

General Plan Update

The County adopted its General Plan in 2003. As part of the update, the name is being changed to the “Comprehensive Plan” The update process will entail significant public participation. Please click on the link above for more information on how you can get involved.


Verde Valley Initiatives

Organized Verde Valley initiatives are growing every day.  BCRC is the official contact for:


Fitting in with our Verde Valley Neighbors - Planning for our Future

Community Character

Land Use

Open Space & Recreation

Water Resources


Community Plan Committee presentation to the

Beaver Creek Regional Council





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vision 2010 presentation.pdf

Community Survey Summary

Student Survey Summary


Survey Focus Group Summary



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History of Vision 2020

Vision 2020 kicked off December 4th 2007 at the Ranch House Restaurant with an organization meeting. Yavapai County and community organization representatives were present.  The first order of business was to begin putting together a survey to determine issues and goals important to the community.  An initial survey was put together in May 2008.  The survey was presented to a focus group representing a cross-section of residents from Beaver Creek – elderly, young, long-time residents, newcomers, Hispanic, Native American, etc.  After the focus group meeting the survey was revised and mailed out to the community early September 2008. The results were tabulated by Brandon Vaughn, an outside consultant and presented to the committee in late September 2008.  On November 15,  the committee held a community meeting at Beaver Creek School.  The meeting was facilitated by the League of Women Voters and Yavapai Community College.  Approximately 125 attended and made great contributions to the plan.  During the 2 year period, the committee and various other sub-committees researched the first part of each element entitled, ‘Current Conditions’. Great care was given to each element to insure the current condition sections of the element were accurate.  With the completion of the survey and the community meeting the task turned to distilling all the information into issues and goals consistent with the desires of the community. Each element was reviewed, re-written, and re-written again and again in an effort to get it right.  Yavapai County was represented by Tammy DeWitt who proved to be an invaluable asset and resource, taking on the task of formatting Vision 2020, giving it a unified look.


final survey with numbers (2).pdf
Beaver Creek School Student Survey Responses (2).pdf

Chairman’s Message... Plan gets New Life 07-22-10

Plan goes Public  01-29-11


Incorporate or Unincorporate?


Review the pros and cons of incorporation a comprehensive hand book published by the N. AZ Council of Governments (NACOG)

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Municipal Incorporation.pdf
Appendix - Focus Group.pdf


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Vision 2020 Planning Tools


Community Vision Workshop Summary


Community Vision Workshop Issue Summary.pdf

The Organization Council members, Council Committees and appropriate County officials share responsibility for implementing the goals and objectives of this Vision 2020.  


The BCRC strategies for implementing the Goals and Objectives of Vision 2020 include:









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